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I am neither a fitness trainer nor indeed an aerobics instructor but one thing I do know is that you don’t find many unfit dancers. With this in mind I have created the original ‘Dance fit’ class for those who want a structured but fun way either to help to shed a few pounds (combined with a healthy diet) or just to get fit.

 The class is an hour long and starts with a gentle warm up and then continues with simple but energetic dance routines to a variety of "cheesy" numbers that everybody knows and which are easy to dance to. 

The whole class is designed to be physically stimulating without feeling like exercising. It is also a social and fun event. Trainers or soft shoes are a must and the classes are run on a pay as you go basis enabling you to decide when and how often you come.





80s Themed "dancefit" hen do class









    Will it be Pink or Blue???




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